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James Shelley from Newport Wins Place at Claremont McKenna College on Sutton Trust US University Programme

Wed 14 Jan 2015

James Shelley, 17, from Newport, who is completing his A levels at Christ the King College, has won a place and a financial aid package to study at Claremont McKenna College in California after participating in the Sutton Trust’s US Programme run in part…

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Sports News

Sixth Form Rugby Trip

Thu 29 Jan 2015

The College's sixth form rugby team were back in action for the second time this season in the RFU organised Central Venue League at Trojans RFC near Eastleigh. In keeping with the flexible nature of the competition, the ten Christ the King players joined up w…

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Year 11 Letter 30th January 2015


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Admissions 2015

On behalf of the Governing Body, and in accordance with Paragraph 1.4 of the Schools Admission Code 2014, the Governing Body of Christ the King College will admit 270 students to Year 7 in September 2015.  The Governing Body agreed this increase for 2015 only, at a meeting of the full Governing Body Committee, held on Thursday 22nd January 2015.


Christ The King College Admissions Consultation 2016

In line with the requirement of the School Admissions Code consultation period, Christ the King College's propsed Admissions Policy for 2016-2017 can be found on our College website        

The consultation period will run from 2nd January until 27th February 2015.

If you would like to make any comments with regards to our proposed Policy, please email for the attention of Amanda Holloway, Admissions Officer.


Christmas Newsletter 2014

 USA TRIP MARCH 2016 (select this link)

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PEB Y10 Letter 30th January 2015

Fundraising For Joe

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Principal's Message ~30th January 2015

You will be aware that the official 2014 examination results for schools across the country have been published. There is significant media coverage both nationally and, as one would expect, here on the Island. Whilst I know that our parents have confidence in our work, I would like to clarify our results for 2014, given some of the statements that are being made in our Island media and emphasise how well Christ the King achieved in 2014. I want us all, as a community, to be clear about our academic achievements for the sake of our students and staff who continue to excel in so many ways and for our parents who quite rightly invest their support and trust in us.

It is a fact that the percentage of our students who achieved 5A*- C including English and maths (referred to as 5A*-C EM) in 2014 is 55% which, when compared to the percentages of 2013 and 2012, would seem a considerable drop. We were disappointed as the figure was a little lower than we expected. However, there were reasons for this; some complex and some simple. For example, national changes to the way that GCSEs were assessed for 2014, including the imperative to report first entry and not best entry and changes to the English assessments, have distorted results for most schools nationally and had some impact on our results.

On a more simple level, and one which I am pleased to see the County Press is beginning to acknowledge in line with national trends, each cohort of students is quite obviously different in their potential. Therefore, whilst a year on year improving picture on the 5A*-C EM figure always looks very positive, it is not always achievable for schools. On a simple level again, last year’s Year 11 as a cohort of students were not predicted to achieve as highly as the previous years on the 5A*- C EM measure because of their starting points. In reality, however, all the other measures show how well last year’s students did achieve.

Indeed, when the overall progress of students from their starting points (from when they enter in Year 7) is measured, last year’s Year 11 achieved exceptionally well. This is the measure called Value Added and is based on students’ best 8 GCSE results. Any figure reported above 1000 indicates that the school is adding positive value to its students (the progress they have made); our figure is 1028.3.  I have just received the excellent news and seen the statistics that show Christ the King College is the only school on the Island with a positive Value Added score and we have the highest Value Added figure across all Hampshire and the Isle of Wight secondary schools. Good news, indeed!

Whilst it is not my position or intention to comment on other schools, I am aware that there is comment in the media and on websites which refers to us. Whilst it is not a problem that people express opinions, I feel it is important that our parents understand the facts. It is my duty to assure parents that our standards have definitely not dropped. I rarely use the page of our weekly bulletin to communicate such messages, as I know our parents respect our work and see the evidence of it day by day. Also, as we all know, good schools are not just about league tables.

I sincerely hope that this information is helpful to you. As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further details.