British Values

The fundamental British values, first set out by the government in the ‘Prevent’ strategy in 2011 and reinforced further by the Department for Education advice, are:

  • Democracy
  • The rule of law
  • Individual liberty & mutual respect
  • Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

Christ the King College promotes democratic processes, developing and promoting freedom of speech and group action, to address needs and concerns. This is built into aspects of the Citizenship and PHSE curriculum for all students, but is also demonstrated through the democratically elected College Student Council, with representatives from all year groups.  They meet with the Principal regularly to discuss/effect positive changes to the College community.

There are also frequent trips to Parliament, in London, and are promoted by a variety of subject areas.  These visits support the embedding of the rule of law aspect of British Values.  Several students have also taken the opportunity to take part in Magistrates and Crown Court Competitions as part of the Extra-Curricular opportunities that are offered to all. 

The development of the law is key in several subject areas, such as the Religion, Crime and Punishment Unit of the new Religious Education GCSE specification which all students complete at Key Stage 4. This looks at the origin of the law and its importance as well as the impact on society and on the lives of those who follow the law and those who do not. 

Our programme of worship (which may be in Houses, Year Groups or Forms) uses themes of the week to give emphasis to respect, admiration, aspiration, tolerance and diversity through the example of the Christian faith of the country in which we live. These ideas may be also explored through current news stories as they arise.

In addition, there are numerous trips and visits organised to widen students’ perspectives and develop their understanding of the world and their responsibility as a citizen within it.  Some examples include: 

Year 7 Wales Teambuilding and Adventure Visit 

New York, Washington, Philadelphia Visit

Spanish Cultural Exchange Visit

Ethiopia/Ecuador/Morocco World Challenges 

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