Chaplaincy and Worship

As a Christian College, it is important that our faith is central to the positive experience that students, staff, parents and our wider community have within their College.

Our College motto is “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life” (Via, Veritas, Vita).

Inspired by the teaching of Jesus, Christ the King College has been established as a joint Church of England and Catholic College, providing a Christian education, reflecting both Catholic and Church of England traditions, operating under the auspices of our two dioceses.

Gospel values underpin the College and Chaplaincy belief that provides support for students, staff and families in a variety of ways, including access to Sacraments, prayers, prayer groups, worship, worship bands and music groups, listening to needs, counselling and an opportunity to talk and be supported.

Within the College and the Chaplaincy Team, there are those who use their gifts and strengths for the benefit of the whole College community. We seek to honour God, love and care for our neighbours, both near and far, in all that we do, say and publicly stand for.

Each day at the College starts with a daily Act of Worship, led by a form tutor, member of staff, the Chaplaincy team or an outside speaker, following our theme of the week. Whole College prayers are distributed for each week with an opportunity for discussion and thought with the images for prayers.

In addition to this, each day, we use our Social Media platforms (Facebook and Twitter) to release a Verse of the Day, linked to the theme. This is shared with the students through the Form Groups and the TV screens around the College, allowing students, staff, parents, the community or anyone following us on Social Media to share in the same theme of the day.

Youth for Christ (YfC) visit the College each Friday, providing students on Lower College with games during lunchtime whilst also enabling Christian input. All students are invited and encouraged to attend. The YfC team are also regular visiting speakers to the College daily Act of Worship, leading whole College, Upper College, Lower College or Year Group worship sessions.

Each term we also hold a Worship Evening run by our College Worship Band. All members of our College community are invited with Island wide publicity ensuring that all church attendees are aware and are warmly invited. The evening is open to all ages with much of the evening dedicated to Worship songs, however there is a time of prayer, reflection and a talk given by either a member of the College community or local church minister or team.

As a Christian College who believes that our faith should also be demonstrated in our acts of service, a number of opportunities throughout the year occur to support the work of various charities and projects, coinciding with national events as well as those suggested or requested by members of our College community.

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