Christian Ethos

We believe that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life

We seek to be inspired by His teaching within our College and reflect His love and values as we live and learn together in our community. 


College Prayer 
Christ be with me, Christ within me 
Christ behind me, Christ before me 
Christ beside me, Christ to win me 
Christ to comfort me and restore me, 
Christ beneath me, Christ above me, 
Christ in quiet, Christ in danger 
Christ in hearts of all that love me, 
Christ in mouth of friend and stranger 



The college is founded on a formal ‘ethos statement’, agreed by the Church of England Diocese of Portsmouth and the Catholic Diocese of Portsmouth. It defines the nature and purpose of the college. 
Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life. Inspired by his teaching, Christ the King College is a joint Church of England and Catholic college, providing a Christian education underpinned by Gospel values and reflecting both Church of England and Catholic traditions. It operates under the auspices of both the Church of England and Catholic Dioceses of Portsmouth. 
It is to be conducted in accordance with the canon law and teachings of the Catholic Church and the principles and practices of the Church of England. 
In particular, religious education and religious worship are to be in accordance with: 

  • The tenets, teaching and practice of the Church of England; 
  • The tenets, teaching and practice of the Catholic Church. 

Christian values and principles will permeate all aspects of the life of the college. In particular, the college will: 

  • Serve its community by providing the highest quality education in the context of Christian beliefs and practice and in partnership with its founding Churches at parish, diocesan and national level; 
  • Offer an experience of Christian community living; promoting respect for self and others, an awareness of moral imperatives and an informed social conscience; 
  • Foster co-operation between Christian Churches and promote the common good of society as a whole. 


The College is founded on the following principles: 
Principle of Distinctiveness and Inclusiveness 

  • We intend the College to be distinctively Christian and inclusive. 
  • We seek the Christian understanding of life and human experience for all members of the College. 
  • Gospel values, as they have been handed down through the Catholic and Church of England traditions, will  underpin College life. 
  • We are confident in our Christian faith, respecting people with other faiths and people who have no specific faith. 
  • We wish to include in the College those who are committed to participate in the life of a Christian  educational community. 

Principle of Integrity and Authenticity

  • We intend the College to be a community marked by integrity and authenticity. 
  • We confirm as central to College life all that is held in common between the traditions of the Church of  England and the Catholic Church. 
  • We wish to explain clearly and sympathetically to all members of the College areas of divergence between  the two traditions. 
  • We wish to discern the truth with humility. 
  • We respect the teaching authority of the Bishops. 

Principle of Interconnectedness

  • We respect the ways in which all areas of life and faith are connected with each other. 
  • Faith, life and culture reflect the wholeness of God’s creation. We aim to reflect that wholeness. 
  • Christian values and principles should permeate all aspects of the life of the College. 
  • The wholeness of learning will be emphasised in our educational policy in order to show the  interrelationship between the religious and the secular. 

Principle of Witness

  • We are witnesses to Christ. 
  • We intend to be signs of God’s love and hope to an imperfect world. 
  • We will reach out to others in a spirit of dialogue and collaboration. 
  • We will promote the common good. 

Principle of Balance

  • We seek to be a well balanced community. 
  • The Dioceses of both the Church of England and the Catholic Church will be involved equally in the  College and will assume joint responsibility for the College.
  • Such equality will be reflected in the structures and practices of the College

Aims of Christ the King College 

1. We strive to provide an outstanding and challenging educational experience, based on personal interests and needs, through which Christ’s message will be at the centre of all we do and the foundation on which we foster our dreams in order to produce happy, successful citizens of the 21st century. 
2. Our vision is for an educational establishment that aspires to social, physical, emotional and spiritual growth alongside outstanding academic achievement and opportunities to learn at all levels. 
3. We aim to create a caring, Christian learning environment where all students and staff are valued and achieve to the best of their ability, extending their horizons beyond their expectations 
4. We aim to make every child feel special in a safe, happy, caring and family environment in which staff and students will benefit from a pastoral care network that will make their working and learning environment a happy and fulfilling place to be. 
5. We aim to have high expectations of all our students in all aspects of College life, providing them with a happy, safe environment within which we encourage creativity, motivation and aspiration, thus becoming confident, independent adults prepared for all the challenges of their lives. 
6. We aim to inspire all students to be life-long learners, allowing each student to be well rounded individuals and excellent citizens of our College community. 
7. We aim to empower everyone in the College to develop their strengths and reach their full potential through the provision of a wide range of opportunities for the students and the staff. 
8. We aim to nurture the whole College community in a Christian environment, knowing God’s love, acting as active members of, and a beacon to, the wider community. 
9. We aim to respect and develop the Christian ethos, having a commitment to the fundamental principles of both denominations, respecting differences, celebrating diversity and encouraging spiritual growth. 
10.We aim to recognise the significant impact that parents and guardians have on the life of the College and integrate them fully in the College community. 

We aspire to Inspire


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