Enrichment / Clubs

There is an extensive range of extra-curricular enrichment activities and clubs at Christ the King College, some activities are designed to support the curriculum, such as Homework clubs and lesson specific catch-up. Some activities are extra-curricular and are there to provide the additional experience of taking part in a fun and interesting activity with other students outside of normal lessons. Some clubs are specifically aimed at certain years, whilst others are available for all.

Many of these activities will run all year, some sporting activities are seasonal, so do check here regularly for updates. ALL practices, clubs and fixtures can be subject to change throughout the College year. Please check with Staff.


The new extra-curricular timetable will have clubs and activities added to it has the term progresses.  Please keep checking for updates.

MONDAY updated 08/11/17

TUESDAY updated 08/11/17

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THURSDAY updated 08/11/17

FRIDAY updated 08/11/17

News Sports Clubs Timetable 08/11/17


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