House System
  • To promote vertical interaction between students of different ages and thereby enhance the pastoral life of the college
  • Developing competition and pride for one’s House
  • Developing opportunities for leadership
  • Promoting wider participation in a range of activities across the college’s provision

House Reward System

Positive, caring and responsible behaviour is encouraged, valued and recognised within Christ the King College. We believe in living and working together in a way that enables all of us to be happy, safe and to achieve the highest possible standards in our work. Teachers will recognise achievements by awarding House Credits for a particular piece of work, positive contribution or effort within our community.

The House System is a strong vertical support structure, which will facilitate and promote relationships throughout the Year groups. It provides an additional strand for our young people to identify with peers, and both younger and older students for various communications.

The role of the student leaders within the system, is to encourage the community spirit, friendly competition and support within each House.  Overview of the House System is led by Dr Dean and Mr Stolborg and supported by Mrs Wright and Mrs Salter.

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House Colour





Inter-House Competitions and Events:

The House System is used for positive reinforcement of expectations and opportunities for the students to work within a mixed group of Years 7-13. Such opportunities include: Worship, sporting activities, music performances, a variety of House quizzes, Sports Day, charity fund raising events, and curriculum tasks.

The House System for the academic year 2016 - 2017 has been revamped to help to ensure as much student participation as possible.

To ensure maximum participation in House Events, the following procedure will take place on a weekly basis.

1.    A ‘Google Form’ will be e-mailed to all tutors on a Monday for the following week's House event.

2.    The form will specify the type of event, the day, the time and the location. The form will also say who will be leading the event.

3.    The tutor will complete the form during Monday tutor time with the names of all students interested and submit.

4.    The list will be given to the relevant people running the event so that they can complete any forward planning.

5.    The students will be responsible for turning up at the correct time and will then take part.

6.    House points (credits) will be awarded as per the following:

a.    All participants = 10 house points each

b.    3rd place = 30 house points

c.     2nd place = 50 house points

d.    1st place = 70 house points

e.    Other house points will be at the discretion of the judges.

f.     House points can still be earned through work in the classroom above normal expectations. An automated addition to House Points will be made for each student after each data harvest. The amount of points earned will be dependent on achievement against targets and effort made.

g.    House points should still be given at the discretion of staff for activities around and outside of the College. This could include items such as ‘Good Deeds’ and accomplishments outside of the College.

h.    An updated tally will be placed in the newsletter at the end of each week.

A single House event will take place each week. The House event will be split (in most cases) into Y7 - Y9 (Tuesdays) and Y10 - Y13 (Fridays).

The winning House for the academic year will be determined a week before the end of the academic year. A special House Assembly will be called for the winning House where the House cup will be awarded by Dr Dean, Mr Stolborg, Mrs Wright and Mrs Salter to the House leaders for that House. Further recognition, through certificates for participation and winning will be given during the year.

Each student is a member of a Tutor Group which is wholly part of a House to offer support structures from both staff and older students. House events will take place throughout the year being led by Y13 students and specific staff at each event.  

‘Together we achieve - enjoy, take part and be proud!’

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