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The Library is at the heart of the College and aims to provide our students with an outstanding area for learning that is friendly, stimulating and well resourced. We have three libraries in College; fiction and non-fiction libraries on Lower College, and one in the Sixth Form Centre. Adjacent to the Lower College Fiction library is a small ICT suite to allow our students to complete independent research or homework.  Our collection comprises of a wide range of books (fiction and non-fiction), magazines, newspapers, and digital resources (eBooks, audiobooks, and a website database) to support independent reading, study and the curriculum.

Our Librarian is on hand to offer guidance with book choice and to teach study skills at all levels.

The entire College community can gain access to the Library catalogue (Eclipse Library System) to check what books have been borrowed and what may still be owed. You can use this system to check out eBooks or use the Overdrive eBook platform directly. You can also search for and reserve library stock, as well as viewing new books, ‘top ten reads’ and the students’ own reviews. This can all be accessed via the links below. 

Ms Ryan - Librarian

Accelerated Reader Scheme

Key Stage 3 Students (Years 7, 8 and 9) are participating in the Accelerated Reader scheme. Accelerated Reader (AR) is a powerful tool for monitoring and managing independent reading practice while promoting reading for pleasure. Please click here for a Parent's Guide designed to answer questions about AR. 

Students are encouraged to read books from a variety of sources, including the College Library. To check that a book has an AR quiz, please use the free online database found at

Students can complete quizzes on a recently read books via the following link.
Accelerated Reader - - Please see the Librarian for access details.


House Challenge: Joke Competition

The House Joke Competition was held in the Lower College Hall on Friday 17th November.  Much laughter and merriment ensued. The jokes covered a wide range of topics from teachers to transport.  Mr Gale, Ms Fitzgerald, Mr Davie and Mr Foley were our excellent judging panel. Marks were giving for comedic merit, performance and originality. Mr Gale got the proceedings off to a fantastic start by telling his dinner party joke.  Our entrants then came up to the microphone and told their joke for our audience.  

Our winner was Jodie Kelly (9YRO) from Ratcliffe/Blue house won with the fantastic delivery of her joke, “My sister bet me £100 I couldn't build a car out of spaghetti. You should've seen her face as I drove pasta!”

Our other participants were:

Sam Taylor (8JYE) Hollis/Green

Theo Horsley (7GHG) Lisseter/Yellow

Melanie West (8MRE) Ratcliffe/Blue

Ruby Wild (9YRO) Ratcliffe/Blue

Alex Kujawa (11BLI) Stevenson/Red

Thomas Augustus (7LMI) Stevenson/Red

Ben Chambers (7JDO) Hollis/Green

Chris Iordache (9FGL/HDO) Hollis/Green

Callum Dudley (7BWE) Ratcliffe/Blue


 All have received house credits for submitting their jokes and/or performing their jokes to an audience. Well done to all who took part and we’ll see you at the next house challenge.

Summer Reading Challenge

The Summer Reading Challenge is over for another year. Well done to everyone who logged the books that they read.  Our top 5 most popular authors are perennial favourites; J. K. Rowling, Jacqueline Wilson, David Walliams, Robert Muchamore and Rick Riordan. The competition was fierce at the end but the final results were 9DTH as overall winners, followed by 7GHG, then Staff and then 8MRE.  A total of 233,406 pages were logged.  Such a fantastic effort by everyone.  Certificates were awarded for all participants and prizes to our top readers. 

Platinum Award Winners

Eleanor Torrance 7SRO
Lucy Johnson 8LGI
Ruby Wild 9YRO
Ms Ryan

Gold Award Winners

Lily Dutton 7GHG
Charlotte King 8LGI
Eleanor Wright 9YRO
Miss Thomas

Silver Award Winners

Poppy Dutton 7GHG
Ruby Newman 7JDO
Daisy Hewitt 7RLO
Abigail Metcalfe 8MRE
Lucy Dover 9MTE
Mr Hughes
Mrs King

Bronze Award Winners

Daisy Cooper 7ASB
Annabel Horton 7SBR
Ben Chambers 7JDO
Ruby-Mae Clayton 7RLO
Ysabella Toquillo 7LMI
Grace Renshaw 7JDO
Connor Rollason 7BWE
Phoebe Walls 7SRO
Olivia Gavin 7RLO
Lily Barclay 7RLO
Nelle Solley 7SBR
Mabel Hayward 7JDO
Phoebe Peace 7GHG
Krystal Joy 7JPL
Louise Parkes 7BWE
Julia Nadstawek 7GHG
Caleb Wright 7GHG
Olivia Wilkinson 7ASB
Jack Buckthorpe 7GHG
Madeline Walker 7BWE
Nicholas Ward 7RLO
George Meadows 7GHG
Ruby Ashton 7JDO
Nathaniel Wilson 7ASB
Amelia Simpson 7AMA
James Picheno 7JPL
Kaylum Mills 7RLO
Keaton Magee 7RLO
Finley Coombe 7SBR
Ellena Bowen-Howland 8PAC
Josie-Lucia Stratton 8JYE
Maddy Green 8PAC
Shannon Barnes-Crutcher 8ADA
Jessica Heng 8MRE
Ellie White 8WKI
Emily Blackley 8ADA
Anya Poerscout-Edgerton 8MRE
Michelle Remnant 8MRE
Marie Drogou 8DOA
Jessica Ring 8ADA
Matthew Beasley 8ADA
Emily Kirby 8MRE
Trudy Shaw 8JYE
Erin Lee 8JHA
William Hatch 8JHA
Melanie West 8MRE
Fin Moakes 8OKE
Kohana Reid 8LGI
Grace Clark 8JHA
Olivia Currie 8WKI

Melody Berry 8OKE
Elfie Harverson 8ADA
Callum Rolfe 8DOA
Shay Lewis 8DOA
Grace Bolland 9HTI
Hannah Crawford 9PGA
Willow O'Rourke 9LSI
Charlotte Morgan 9DTH
Caitlin Townshend 9DTH
Millie Dyer 9DTH
Rachel Foster 9LSI
Lucy Parkman 9SHG
Oliver Blenkinsop 9HTI
Joey Stephan 9DTH
Oliver Smallwood 9DTH
Henry Sutton 9DTH
Katelynn Abraham 9NEV
Oliver Boyden-Garcia 9DTH
Luke Shimmins 9LSI
Archie Grieve 9NEV
Milly Luo 9LSI
Mabel Lewis 9YRO
Lucy Dudley 9DTH
Dylan Bardsley 9DTH
Lucy Roberts 9LSI
Ellis Leach 9DTH
Charlotte Elsom 9PGA
Lola Marfleet 9DTH
Emma Brown 9DTH
Felicity Kirkham 9LSI
Danny Monks 9NEV
Abigail Watson 9YRO
Maddi Fox 9DTH
Mollie Rogers 9NEV
Ayrton Townsend 9DTH
Dawson Pearce-Jarrett 9YRO
Charlotte Damasdi 9DTH
Jasmine Warren 10SWA
Sam Ward 10SWA
Alex Kujawa 11BLI
Mrs Ward
Miss Remnant
Miss Simmonds
Miss Green
Mr Weidmann
Ms Evans
Miss Arnold
Mrs Davie
Mr R. Williams

Library Science Challenge

This term's library challenge theme is scientists and their great discoveries or inventions, and what this has meant to humankind. 

Please fill out the Google Form to enter the Challenge. As always, there are a few questions to be answered (the 500s in the non-Fiction library is a great place to start!) with a tie-breaker question. The best answers will win a small prize from the library. All participants will get house credits and certificates. 

Creative Writing Competitions
    Magazines and Newspapers Available





    i newspaper

    i newspaper

    Selected National Newspapers

    First News Weekly

    The Day ( Login available from the Library.

    The Day ( Login available from the library. - available on College computers

    Isle of Wight County Press



    Biological Sciences Review

    BBC Focus

    Business Review

    BBC History

    Chemistry Review

    BBC Music (Music CDs are available to borrow.)


    BBC Wildlife

    Economic Review

    Horrible Histories

    E-mag - Print and online access.

    How it Works

    English Review

    Practical Photography

    National Geographic


    New Scientist

    WRD Magazine

    PE Review

    MFL magazines and Audio CDs

    Philosophy Now

    Ca Va? (French Language)

    Physics Review

    El Sol (Spanish Language) 

    RS Review


    Scientific American


    Time Magazine

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    Accelerated Reader (Years 7, 8 and 9) - - Please see the Librarian for access details.

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