SMSC and British Values

At Christ the King College, we recognise that the personal development of our students spiritually; morally; socially and culturally plays a significant part in their ability to learn, have a happy and fulfilled young life and go on to achieve in the future.

Ours is very much a whole College approach where successful SMSC and promoting British Values education is achieved not only through formal and informal learning, but also from their interactions, relationships and experiences throughout each day.

This enables our students to develop their confidence to become effective learners.  It supports students as they move from childhood to adolescence so they become independent young people and responsible citizens, showing a tolerance within British society.

We believe that SMSC and British Values are at the heart of educational achievement.  All staff and adults in the College have an important role to play in promoting these values, as well as the clear Christian message that, as a combined Roman Catholic and Church of England College, is at the heart of our ethos.


For more details about how we promote British Values at Christ the King College, please see the Curriculum section of the website. 

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