School Gateway

Christ the King College uses 'School Comms' to communicate with parents and to enable online payments for cashless catering and other items such as trips and visits, the Governors' Building Fund etc. via an online Portal called 'School Gateway'.

School Comms offers parents the freedom to make payments whenever and wherever they like, safe in the knowledge that the system has been security checked by many local authorities and uses very high internet security standards. It offers greater flexibility for parents to deal with any school payment requests and ensures that payments reach the school safely and securely, avoiding the need for students to bring cash or cheques into school.

To access messages and online payments, all parents are given a login to the 'School Gateway' portal. To log in to your account, please see:

If you require any support with accessing or using your School Comms account, please contact the College Administration Team on 01983 537070 extension 8, or email:  
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